Cloud Enabled Technology

Our mobile technology is revolutionising how financial advisers engage with their clients.

What We Do

CapitalRoad is cloud based and mobile enabled superannuation and wealth management technology platform.

We are creating a new norm by showing how our rapid and tailored technology development can replace old and expensive legacy systems.

Our mobile technology is also disrupting the way financial advisers engage with their clients, encouraging greater interaction and ownership of their wealth management journey.

We are creating the new norm through rapid delivery to replace old and expensive legacy systems.

Why We Do It

The team at CapitalRoad knows that reducing the gap between financial services and technology, means improved efficiency within wealth management organisations and increased client engagement.

We know that harnessing the use of mobile technology and simplifying the presentation of data to clients, will increase client engagement.  Delivering better management reporting, will make advisers happier and better at meeting the needs of clients today and into the future.

90% of Platforms are legacy and are 20 years old

The other 10% don't understand the needs of clients today.

The CapitalRoad Team

1.Marshall Stephen-CapitalRoad-CoFounder and CEO

Marshall Stephen


Marshall has been working in the financial services industry for over 25 years at the executive level.  He has previously held CEO and CIO positions within ASX200 listed organisations including well known financial services and retail firms.

2.Richard Dahlenburg-CapitalRoad-CoFounder and Chief Architect

Richard Dahlenburg


Chief Architect and technical expert responsible for the design of the CapitalRoad ecoSystem and other key registry systems.

3.Dean Lupton-CapitalRoad-Director Digital Experience

Dean Lupton


Dean has extensive experience within well known banking, technology and wealth management firms.  He has worked on several large transformation projects and has specific expertise in the realm of customer experience.


Ross Duckworth


Ross has 15 years experience in the Australian Banking & Wealth Management industry with Aviva, MLC and NAB. Notably Ross led the migration of the NAB's API Gateway into AWS - a first for NAB’s critical technology platforms. He has a real passion for People and Culture - they are the cornerstone of every great business and technology.

Rishi Dudhoria - CapitalRoad

Rishi Dudhoria


Solution Architect and technical expert responsible for the design and delivery of the CapitalRoad ecoSystem. Rishi's experience spans 20+ years in Wealth Management and Banking where his passion for security, interoperability, portability and extensibility are cornerstones for his technical thinking.


Bert Tutolo


Bert has over 25+ years of IT experience in organisations such as Summit Master Trust, IOOF and NAB Trade. Bert was one of the first employees of Summit Master Trust back in 1994 - before FinTech’s was invented. He is technically proficient, with a diverse and deep knowledge of IT - security, systems, networks, and standards. Bert has since moved to New Zealand and continues to work remotely. He especially loves "Fluro Friday" and enjoys showcasing the beauty of the NZ landscape (amongst other things) when video conferencing.


Dalton Moio Abrao


Dalton has been part of the CapitalRoad team since 2019, and has extensive experience working in software development and leading teams within Investment Banks and Fintechs - both in his native Brazil and Australia. Outside of work Dalton has a passion for health and nutrition, and spends most of his free time outdoors, swimming or running in our National Parks and Rainforests.

Sam Radford - CapitalRoad

Sam Radford


Sam is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Strong engineering professional focused on financial reporting and market data feeds. Sam graduated from RMIT University in 2019 with a Bachelor of IT, in his free time Sam enjoys playing tennis and watching Formula 1.

Henry Edmeades - CapitalRoad

Henry Edmeades


Henry is an experienced and hard working software engineer with extensive UI/UX design capabilities. He is responsible for a number of key fundamentals of the CapitalRoad ecoSystem including our ReactJS frontend and Share Trading integration. Henry started with the CapitalRoad team in 2018, and joined on a permanent basis in 2019. Henry completed his Bachelor of IT at RMIT with Distinction.


Reilley Gray


Reilley is a young and passionate software developer. Reilley graduated with a Bachelor of Technology from RMIT University and began working with CapitalRoad in 2019. Outside of work Reilley has a passion for various frontend and backend languages, constantly experimenting with new programming technologies to expand his knowledge and toolset in the IT industry.


Arpita Sarkar


Arpita has 10 years of experience and expertise of working in banking, financial services and capital market domain. Skilled in end to end project management and process design changes, Arpita can always systematically break down problems and solutions and ensure the timely delivery of her requirements meet her stakeholders needs. Arpita is an avid Mount trekker, and is also a recent first time mother.


Ryan Lewis


Ryan has a history of technical proficiency across our whole platform with particular interest in client onboarding/management solutions. He has experience in design and as a brand ambassador for various tech companies. Ryan graduated from RMIT University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design (Games), and in 2019 with a Bachelor of IT. Outside of work he has a passion for video games, particularly their development.

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